David Letterman chart
David Letterman

Born Apr.12, 1947
around 6 PM CST
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
86W09 39N46

Sun in Aries 2214'
Moon in Capricorn 1542'
Mercury in Pisces 2544'
Venus in Pisces 1532'
Mars in Aries 050'
Jupiter in Scorpio 2614'R
Saturn in Leo 201'
Uranus in Gemini 1842'
Neptune in Libra 905'R
Pluto in Leo 1101'R
Eris in Aries 625'

Ascendant in Libra 1920'
MidHeaven in Cancer 2224'
Host for
The Late Night Show(1982-93)
and The Late Show(1993- )
Ascendant in Libra Makes David the ideal host; attractive, well mannered, and intelligent. Midheaven in Cancer is his public appeal. Moon in Capricorn is Dave's professionalism. He takes his show seriously and once said himself that people in his line of work are nothing if not responsible. Sun in Aries is Dave's nonchalant and rambunctious manner. These people are inwardly confident and self-centered. Mars in Aries heightens his energy, confidence, and brusqueness. Mercury in Pisces takes the edge off Dave, giving him a receptive and impressionable mentality, and yes, he can be shy at times. Venus in Pisces makes him a lover of fine music, wine, and romance. Jupiter in Scorpio people love competitive sports, and exotic sex, and have a knack for getting into and out of dangerous situations. Saturn in Leo knows all about drama, and acting, and show buisness, but they must check their tendency to be controlling and dominating. Uranus in Gemini is Dave's witty, ingenious, versatile, humorous, and communicative side. Neptune in Libra likes beauty, and fashion, and pleasant surroundings, but they have a way of getting entangled in their relationships. Pluto in Leo people are entertainment experts who produce exclusive and often subvertive mediums or outlets for creative expression.

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