David Hasselhoff chart

David Hasselhoff
Jul.17, 1952, 6:20? AM EDT
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
76W37 39N17

Noon Positions EDT
Sun in Cancer 2445'
Moon in Gemini 402'
Mercury in Leo 2121'
Venus in Leo 058'
Mars in Scorpio 907'
Jupiter in Taurus 1631'
Saturn in Libra 918'
Uranus in Cancer 1453'
Neptune in Libra 1901'
Pluto in Leo 2021'
Eris in Aries 816'R

actor/director/musician best known
for his role as Michael Knight
in Knight Rider(1982-86)
LR vote: Leo or Sag rising
Ascendant in fire gives Michael his handsome good looks. Moon in Gemini also makes him attractive and versatile and clever. Mercury in Leo gives him a confident mind and bold manner of speech. Venus in Leo gives him a liking for sports and acting and entertainment in general. This is a very affectionate and playful man when it comes to love and sex. Mars in Scorpio adds passion and jealousy to his love nature. He is also someone who is constantly dealing with and overcoming dangerous or even deadly situations. Jupiter and Taurus gives him singing and dancing talent and good luck in making money. Saturn in Libra gives him much skill in dealing with relationships and artistic or musical talent as well. Uranus in Cancer with his Sun makes him quite independant and unpredictably emotional. His friends are his family. Neptune in Libra gives him and his generation an obsession with beauty and peace and harmony, and Pluto in Leo gives him and his generation a desire to exploit their creative potential to the maximum.
David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight in KNIGHT RIDER

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