Christie Brinkley chart
Christie Lee Hudson
Feb.2, 1954, time unknown
Detroit, Michigan, USA
83W03 42N20

Noon Positions EST
Sun in Aquarius 1320'
Moon in Aquarius 047'
Mercury in Aquarius 2634'
Venus in Aquarius 1414'
Mars in Scorpio 2601'
Jupiter in Gemeni 1631'R
Saturn in Scorpio 908'
Uranus in Cancer 2008'R
Neptune in Libra 2603'S
Pluto in Leo 2402'R
Eris in Aries 731'

supermodel famed for her layouts
in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit
(1979-81). Former wife of singer
Billy Joel. Is a vegetarian

LR vote: air or fire rising
With Sun and Mercury in Aquarius, beautiful Christie Brinkley is a strong-minded and highly independent woman. Aquarius types value their personal freedom above all else, and will even sacrifice important relationships for it. They're also shocking, unconventional, original, truth-seeking, and humanitarian. Christie's Moon is either in Capricorn(morning) or Aquarius(afternoon) depending on the time of birth. Venus also in Aquarius adds to the unconventionality and stubborness of the sign, Mars in Scorpio does things slyly and secretively and must often confront dangerous or life-threatening situations. The sex nature is passionate and intense. Jupiter in Gemini loves to laugh and take things lightly. They are great at communicating or telling stories. Saturn in Scorpio has much self-discipline and control and makes a good researcher or detective. Uranus in Cancer is wildly emotional and goes through many unsettling domestic changes. Neptune in Libra loves beauty and harmony and wants universal peace and tranquility. Pluto in Leo has intense love affairs and exceptional creativity or dramatic skill.

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