Cate Blanchett chart

Cate Blanchett
Catherine Elise Blanchett
May 14, 1969, time unknown
Melbourne, Australia
144E58 37S49

Noon Positions AEST
Sun in Taurus 2306'
Moon in Aries 2708'
Mercury in Gemini 1127'
Venus in Aries 1406'
Mars in Sagittarius 1502'R
Jupiter in Virgo 2614'R
Saturn in Taurus 146'
Uranus in Libra 007'R
Neptune in Scorpio 2728'R
Pluto in Virgo 2231'R
Eris in Aries 1217'

Australian actress best known for
her film roles in Elizabeth(1998),
The Lord of the Rings trilogy
(2000/01/03), and The Aviator(2004)

LR vote: Leo rising
Warm, sunny, and expressive Cate Blanchett is a Taurus Sun with her ruler Venus in fiery and aggressive Aries. Solar Taureans enjoy physical or tangible means of expression such as art, gardening, music, food, massage, or lovemaking. They are slow to know but very loyal or supportive once committed. Their legendary patience and endurance usually wins out over quicker and more flighty types. Unless the birthtime is 5:30 PM or later, the Moon remains in Aries giving Cate a need for lots of challenge and activity. The Moon here can be impulsive, aggressive, and impatient. In Cate's solar twelfth house, there is much psychic or subconcious activity. Mercury in Gemini gives a clear and versatile mentality with strong powers of intellect and communication. They're also quite funny and charming. Venus in Aries is headstong and aggressive, and can be relentless in its pursuit of pleasure or gratification. They value courage and directness and like doing things quickly and spontaneously. Mars in Sagittarius is high-spirited and zealous and fights for beliefs or moral principles. They excel as travelers, explorers, atheletes, dancers, horseriders, publishers, and clergy people. Jupiter in Virgo is big on order, duty, cleanliness, and perfection. They succeed as critics, analysts, literary people, environmentalists, and general workers of all kinds. Jupiter conjuncted by Pluto gets rare breaks or oppotunites. Saturn in Taurus needs comfort and security and knows how to make the most of a buck. There is practicality, determination, and resourcefulness, as well as fine musical, or artistic ability. Uranus in Libra is bright, beautiful, sociable, and has a flair for fashion, decor, and art in general. They hate being tied down in any relationship. Neptune in Scorpio is a subtle, intense, and secretive generation of individuals with an unquenchable interest in sex, mystery, and the occult or paranornmal. Pluto in Virgo people can be excessively critical, analytical, or perfectionistic, and often go to extremes in diet, work, or exercise.

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