Britney Spears chart

Britney Spears
Britney Jean Spears
Dec.2, 1981, 1:30 AM CST
Kentwood, Louisiana, USA
90W31 30N56

Sun in Sagittarius 1002'
Moon in Aquarius 1223'
Mercury in Sagittarius 525'
Venus in Capricorn 2507'
Mars in Virgo 2317'
Jupiter in Scorpio 101'
Saturn in Libra 1916'
Uranus in Sagittarius 059'
Neptune in Sagittarius 2402'
Pluto in Libra 2558'
Eris in Aries 1425'R

Ascendant in Libra 241'
MidHeaven in Cancer 251'
pop diva singer and actress
who came to fame with her hit single
Hit Me Baby One More Time(1999)
Ascendant in Libra gives Britney Spears her good looks and pleasant sociable manner. Midheaven in Cancer is her caring and nurturing role or image which she will grow into as she gets older. Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius make her simple, straightforward, and basically honest, with a love of adventure and the outdoors. She is not one to be cooped up or restrained in any way, especially not when Uranus and Neptune are also in Sagittarius. Uranus makes her a leader and trendsetter for her generation and Neptune adds glamour and mystique. Moon in Aquarius makes her popular, unique, and independant, with a rebellious streak. This lady does her own thing and will not be coerced otherwise. Venus in Capricorn gives her some restraint and modesty and an earthy or sensual love nature. It also makes her calculating and ambitious. Mars in Virgo makes her an exercise and health nut and her work must be physically challenging or demanding. Sexually, she is turned on by proper manners and good hygeine and physical stamina. Jupiter in Scorpio gives Britney a dangerous and naughty side that is exciting and challenging to either sex. She can make a natural spy or detective and has a fascination for occult subjects. Saturn in Libra makes her a fine artist and expert in relationships. It also gives her control of her singing voice. Uranus in Sagittarius makes her wild and freedom-loving and an explorer of cultures and philosophies. Neptune in Sagittarius is a generation of unquenchable travelers, philosophers, and explorers who must take care not to get lost in their journeys. Pluto in Libra is a generation of peacelovers and diplomats who go all the way to achieve harmony or justice. They also have a keen eye and ear for art and music, and have an all-or-nothing attitude in all of their relationships.

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