Bob Denver chart
Bob Denver
Born: Robert Denver
Jan.9, 1935, time unknown
New Rochelle, N.Y., USA
80W12 25N46

Noon positions EST
Sun in Capricorn 1831'
Moon in Pisces 2028'
Mercury in Capricorn 2425'
Venus in Aquarius 058'
Mars in Libra 1320'
Jupiter in Scorpio 1816'
Saturn in Aquarius 2552'
Uranus in Aries 2730'S
Neptune in Virgo 1426'R
Pluto in Cancer 2507'R
Eris in Aries 218'

American actor best known
for his role as "Gilligan" on
Gilligan's Island(1964-67).
Died from complications of
throat cancer on Sep.2,2005

With Sun and Mercury in Capricorn, Bob is a lot more serious in real life than he is on screen. Behind the bumbling exterior is a planner and organizer who knows exactly where he is going. Moon in Pisces is sensitive and timid and gives Denver his expressiveness and elastic facial features. Venus in Aquarius is the bumbling Gilligan we all know and love. This position likes to be different or unique and values truth and friendship. Mars in Libra excels in social and artistic endeavors and fights for fairness and justice. Jupiter in Scorpio is noted for attracting danger or trouble but also for comning out of it relatively unharmed. They are interested in anything dark, hidden, or mysterious and make good spys or investigators. Saturn is Denver's solar ruler, and in Aquarius gives a strong need for truth and friendship. These people are original, independant, scientific, and sometimes a little strange or crazy. Uranus in Aries is inventive, ingenious, self-willed, impulsive, and often impatient. They like flying and all mechanical contraptions. Neptune in Virgo is a generation of workers and critics who can't stand dirt or disorder. Pluto in Cancer is a generation with powerful emotions and domestic urges.

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