Betty White chart

Betty White
Betty Marion White
Jan.17, 1922, 7:10 PM CST
Oak Park, Illinois, US
87W47 41N43

Sun in Capricorn 2710'
Moon in Virgo 2842'
Mercury in Aquarius 1035'
Venus in Capricorn 2150'
Mars in Scorpio 1259'
Jupiter in Libra 1830'
Saturn in Libra 737'S
Uranus in Pisces 720'
Neptune in Leo 1504'R
Pluto in Cancer 840'R
Eris in Pisces 2837'

Ascendant in Leo 2554'
MidHeaven in Taurus 1850'
American actress best known
for her roles as Sue Ann Nivens
on The Mary Tyler Moore Show
(1973-77), as Rose Nylund on The
Golden Girls(1985-92), and for her
appearances on various game shows
Leo rising gives Betty white her warm, sunny, loveable, and spontaneous persona. Behind the glitter is a very shrewd, practical, and calculating woman(Sun Moon and Midheaven in the Earth signs) who knows what it takes to be respected and successful. Mercury in Aquarius makes her both brilliant and eccentric and a fine study in human behaviour and motivation. Venus in Capricorn likes to save and economize and is very status concious. The affections are earthy and sensual. Mars in Scorpio has powerful emotions which are usually sublimated and released sexually or through vigorous work. This Mars position can be deadly or violent when the energies are not channeled properly. Jupiter in Libra is sociable, and just, and does well in all kinds of relationships or partnerships, or where compromise and mediation are required. They are also fashionable, artistic, decorative, and musical. Saturn in Libra knows how to deal skillfully with people and can make a fine lawyer or mediator. They also have a keen sense of harmony and form and can make excellent sculptors. Uranus in Pisces are those sweet and sensitive souls you meet down the street who are willing to give you the shirt off their back. They are, however, very impractical and otherworldly, and their sensitivities can easily be frayed or taken advantage of, and as a result, many turn to drugs or drinking or become reclusive. Neptune in Leo is the Hollywood generation, addicted to power, fame, and glamour. Pluto in Cancer gives powerful emotions and domestic urges. This Pluto generation sacrificed much to bring us the so-called "American Dream" of prosperiy and security for every household.

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