Aubrey Plaza chart

Aubrey Plaza
Born: Aubrey Plaza
Jun.26, 1984, time unknown
Wilmington, Delaware, USA
75W33 39N45

Noon Positions EDT
Sun in Cancer 512'
Moon in Gemini 417'
Mercury in Cancer 933'
Venus in Cancer 809'
Mars in Scorpio 1201'
Jupiter in Capricorn 828'R
Saturn in Scorpio 955'R
Uranus in Sagittarius 1035'R
Neptune in Sagittarius 2954'R
Pluto in Libra 2922'R
Eris in Aries 1609'

American actress and comedienne best
known for her role as April Ludgate in
the comedy series Parks and Recreation
(2009- ), and as Daisy in the film
Funny People(2009)

Aubrey Plaza's penchant for comedy can be aptly described by her Moon in Gemini placement and her Sun-Mercury conjunction. Both the Moon and Mercury or Cancer and Gemini(and the third house or lower sextile) have the most to do with comedy. Mercury is the wit and the Moon is the "luny" aspect of it all. Moon in Gemini is often found in the charts of comedians, as is the Sun/Mercury conjunction. Aubrey suffered a stroke at fourteen which has affected her speech and performances but says she is now fully recovered. As a Sun in Cancer, Aubrey is basically shy and insecure, and this is augmented by Mercury and Venus also there, but Cancer survives and adapts, two traits for which this sign is legendary. Venus in Cancer absolutely loves home life and has deep family values, but this is tempered or balanced somewhat by opposing Jupiter which is ambitious and seeks public status or acclaim. Mars in Scorpio is deep and intense and too hot to handle for most. This placement crosses into the lowest as well as the highest levels of human nature being driven by sheer passion and desire. They make unmatched friends or allies but terrible or deadly adversaries. Mars conjuncted by Saturn gives Aubrey some control or objectivity over her powerful emotions. Jupiter in Capricorn likes order, wisdom, control, and economy, and gets along well with old people. Saturn in Scorpio is serious and sexy and investigates death, ufo's, and the paranormal. Uranus in Sagittarius is wild and adventurous and explores new facets of religion and spirituality. Uranus with Neptune combines shock with subtlety, pop with art, and the truth with deception. Neptune in Sag puts Aubrey into a generation that is open, restless, rebellious, and travel-minded, and with a need for universal spiritual understanding or experience. Pluto in Libra goes to extremes where relationships, art, beauty, and social culture are concerned.

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