Anthony Hopkins chart
Anthony Hopkins
Dec.31,1937, time uncertain
Port Talbot, Wales
3W47 51N36

Noon Positions GMT
Sun in Capricorn 924'
Moon in Sagittarius 2525'
Mercury in Capricorn 607'R
Venus in Capricorn 107'
Mars in Pisces 723'
Jupiter in Aquarius 232'
Saturn in Pisces 2906'
Uranus in Taurus 950'R
Neptune in Virgo 2108'R
Pluto in Cancer 2925'R
Eris in Aries 306'

Fine British actor
best known for his role
as Hannibal Lecter in
Silence of the Lambs(1991)

Sun in Capricorn makes Anthony Hopkins a solid, practical, and matter of fact type of individual. These people concern themselves with tangible and observable issues and pride themselves on their worldly expertease or wisdom. Mercury in Capricorn reinforces his solar traits; this is a logical, serious, factual, and buisness-like mind. Venus also in Capricorn gives him a love of order and progress and an earthy love nature. This is also a very conservative and economical person. Moon in Sagittarius gives him a sense of morality and social uprightness. Also, there is a love of nature and animals and outdoor activities. Negatively, there is a tendency to gamble or take risks. Mars in Pisces gives him a keen emotional sensitivity which he uses to get his own way. Jupiter in Aquarius gives a broad and humanitarian outlook on life. Hopkins truly wants to do something good for humanity. Most people with this placement have a liking or familliarity with astrology. Saturn in Pisces is the the subtle schemer and controller. They know how to use their charm and intuition to their own advantage. They also make fine swimmers, painters, artists, and psychologists. Uranus in Taurus is very stubborn and sensual position given to financial instability and/or genius. Neptune in Virgo makes him part of a generation instilled with a work ethic and a love of cleanliness and order and detail. Pluto in Cancer is a generation devoted to home and family life.

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