Andy Garcia chart

Andy Garcia
Born Andrés Arturo
Garcia Menéndez
Apr.12, 1956, time unknown
Havana, Cuba
82W22 23N08

Noon Positions EST
Sun in Aries 22°45'
Moon in Taurus 13°17'
Mercury in Taurus 0°00'
Venus in Gemini 8°27'
Mars in Capricorn 28°34'
Jupiter in Leo 21°31'R
Saturn in Sagittarius 2°00'R
Uranus in Cancer 28°14'
Neptune in Libra 29°14'R
Pluto in Leo 26°14'R
Eris in Aries 8°45'

Cuban-American actor starring
in such films as The Untouchables
(1987), The Godfather Part III (1990),
When A Man Loves A Woman(1994),
Ocean's Eleven(2001), and The Lost
City(2005). A private family man

LR vote: water rising
Andy Garcia's grand cardinal cross(Sun, Mars, Uranus, Neptune) keeps him busy and active in life. Sun in Aries loves life and has the energy and courage to make the most of it. Moon in Taurus is a stabilizing influence, both personally and professionally, and gives much endurance and resourcefulness. Mercury can be in Aries(before noon) or in Taurus(noon or later), depending on the time of birth. Mercury in Aries is fiery, quick, and impatient, whereas Mercury in Taurus is quiet, patient, and slower in thought and speech. Venus in Gemini enjoys reading and writing and communicating in general. They are witty, humorous, and flirtatious in nature. Mars in Capricorn gets things done through planning and organizing and perservering. They will fight for their family and career and to maintain control over their lives. They're also quite sensuous despite their apparent cool or reserve. Jupiter in Leo is proud, warm, generous, and likes a good show. These people do well as leaders, bosses, managers, artists, and entertainers. They're also good lovers and get along well with children. Saturn in Sagittarius makes an expert hunter, traveler, student, and explorer, and clings to traditional spiritual beliefs. Uranus in Cancer goes through many unsettling changes in the domestic life, is very moody and intuitive, and has an interest in food, housing, security, history, and psychology. Neptune in Libra is musical, artistic, poetic, and wants universal peace and harmony. They're psyches are easily disturbed by violence, ugliness, and discord or inharmony in general. Pluto in Leo people go to extremes in love and play. They are intensely creative and dramatic and can produce exceptional works or plays.

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