Alyssa Milano chart
Alyssa Milano
Alyssa Jane Milano
Dec.19, 1972, 7 AM EST
Brooklyn, New York
73W56 40N38

Sun in Sagittarius 2742'
Moon in Gemini 1453'
Mercury in Sagittarius 715'
Venus in Sagittarius 055'
Mars in Scorpio 2226'
Jupiter in Capricorn 1456'
Saturn in Gemini 1615'R
Uranus in Libra 2222'
Neptune in Sagittarius 549'
Pluto in Libra 419'
Eris in Aries 1210'R

Ascendant in Sagittarius 2307'
MidHeaven in Libra 1525'
actress/musician best known
for her role as Phoebe in the
TV series Charmed(1998-)
Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, and Ascendant all in Sagittarius make Alyssa Milano very typical of this sign; she is an attractive, cheerful, optimistic, do-gooder who wishes nothing but the best for both herself and others. She is honest with a high ethical code although with Neptune there it can border on the deceptive. The Ascendant makes her cheerful and attractive, the Sun makes her fun-loving and free-spirited and makes her stick to her spiritual principals. Mercury makes her blunt, and philosophical, and a chatter. Venus gives her a love of nature, the outdoors, and spiritual activities(praying, meditation, church, etc.). Neptune gives her and her generation a fascination for travel and spirituality and mysticism. Moon in Gemini is her sociable, intellectual, and flirtatious side. Mars in Scorpio faces sex and issues of death and regeneration head on. Jupiter in Capricorn is ambitious and very economical. Saturn in Gemini uses words and imformation to coerce or control others. Uranus in Libra wants exciting relationships with no strings attached. Neptune in Sagittarius is a generation of roamers and spiritual mystics. Pluto in Libra wants to know absolutely everything about art, beauty, music, and relationships.

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