Aleister Crowley chart

Aleister Crowley
Edward Alexander Crowley
Oct.12, 1875, 11:42? PM UT
(time varies between 11PM and mid)
Leamington Spa, England
UK 1W31 52N18

Sun in Libra 1914'
Moon in Pisces 2248'
Mercury in Scorpio 1322'
Venus in Libra 2425'
Mars in Capricorn 2253'
Jupiter in Scorpio 708'
Saturn in Aquarius 1931'R
Uranus in Leo 1908'
Neptune in Taurus 200'R
Pluto in Taurus 2315'R
Eris in Pisces 1254'R

Ascendant in Leo 800'
Midheaven in Aries 1625'
British occultist, writer, philosopher,
and mystic best known for his work The
Book of the Law(1904). Was also a chess
player, a mountain climber, poet, painter,
astrologer, hedonist, drug experimenter,
and social critic. Died on Dec.1,1947
Leo Rising with Uranus gives Aleister Crowley his proud and confident exterior as well as his genius and eccentricity. Sun in Libra is principally concerned with the mental or social world and the harmony or disharmony of such. Sun conjuncted by Venus slows down or fixates the ego and makes the native more shrewd, resourceful, stubborn, or pleasure-loving. Moon in Pisces is sensitive, intuitive, and has a natural interest in art, music, film, or the paranormal. It occupies his natural eigth house of occult or hidden matters. Mercury in Scorpio is naturally secretive, suspicious, and investigative, and is mentally absorbed or preoccupied by mysterious, sexual, or occult subjects. Mercury conjuncted by Jupiter in Scorpio seeks to expand the mental interests to a more spiritual level. Venus in Libra appreciates or enjoys beautiful art, music, fashion, and good looks. Mars in Capricorn is organized and productive and gets the job done. They can also be shy, cautious, slow-moving, manipulative, controlling, stingy, and extremely sensual. Jupiter in Scorpio likes to explore the dark side of life and human nature. They are secretive, investigative, sexually alluring or magnetic, and seem to court or attract dangerous or even deadly situations. Saturn in Aquarius is the scientist and practical genius who takes an interest in the welfare of humanity. They can also be strange, unpredictable, and chaotic. Uranus in Leo is the brilliant performer or entertainer, the universal hero, and the free or experimental lover. Both Neptune and Pluto in Taurus are obsessed with material things such as money, land, belongings, and the physical body. Both generational planets are in Crowley's solar eigth house making him an important or central influence in the occult world.

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