Albert Einstein chart

Albert Einstein
Mar.14,1879, 11:30 AM LMT
Ulm, Wurttemberg, Germany
10E00 48N24

Sun in Pisces 2330'
Moon in Sagittarius 1432'
Mercury in Aries 309'
Venus in Aries 1659'
Mars in Capricorn 2655'
Jupiter in Aquarius 2729'
Saturn in Aries 411'
Uranus in Virgo 117'R
Neptune in Taurus 752'
Pluto in Taurus 2444'
Eris in Pisces 1450'

Ascendant in Cancer 1139'
Midheaven in Pisces 1250'
German-born theoretical physicist
best known for his theory of relativity,
his discovery of the photo electric effect,
and his concept of a unified field theory.
Died of an aneurism on Apr.18,1955
Solar Piscean Albert Einstein combines intuition, inspiration, logic, and brilliance to come up with some outstanding concepts or ideas about our world and universe. The Sun here uses creative intuition and sensitivity to unveil the secrets of matter and the universe. Cancer rising heightens this sensitivity making the native highly impressionable to the emotional undercurrents of his or her environment. This rising sign needs to feel safe and secure and is strongly attached to home and family relations. Moon in Sagittarius relies on traditional or early moral upbringing for meaning and a sense of security. They are also often attracted to and settle down with Sagittarius-type women(such as Mileva -see below). Mercury in Aries gives this Pisces more confidence and strength of mind. Mercury is conjuncted by Saturn, which usually denotes writing, deep and serious thinking, and/or mathematical ability. Venus in Aries is impulsive and aggressive in love and enjoys speed and being challenged. Mars in Capricorn in his solar 11th house typecasts him as a pioneering genius in the field of mathematics. This position is also very practical, organized, ambitious, and sensual. Jupiter in Aquarius is the brilliant inventor, explorer, and humanitarian. They are also funny, strange, independant, and rebellious. Most are well acquainted with astronomy and astrology. Saturn in Aries learns lessons of initiative and assertiveness, and make fine leaders and trainers. They're also good with tools and mechanics. Uranus in Virgo has unusual working and eating habits and finds new ways to improve our health and everyday working life. Neptune in Taurus is stubborn, possessive, determined, sensual, and has a subtle understanding of the nature of matter. Pluto in Taurus is also stubborn and sensual and has exceptional insight into the world of matter. Both planets in Taurus are concerned with money and land and their is also much artistic or musical potential.
Mileva Maric(born Dec.19,1875), physicist and first wife of Albert Einstein

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