Alan Bates chart

Alan Bates
Feb.17, 1934, time unknown
Derbyshire, England
1W33 53N00

Noon Positions UT
Sun in Aquarius 2809'
Moon in Aries 1356'
Mercury in Pisces 1613'
Venus in Aquarius 919'R
Mars in Pisces 1032'
Jupiter in Libra 2301'R
Saturn in Aquarius 1955'
Uranus in Aries 2422'
Neptune in Virgo 1122'R
Pluto in Cancer 2258'R
Eris in Aries 219'

English actor starring in such
films as The Fixer(1968) and
Un Unmarried Woman(1978).
Died December 27, 2003

LR vote: Scorpio rising
Sun in Aquarius prides itself on its intelligence, originality, and independence. This is a truth-seeking individual with a passionate interest in humanity as a whole. Moon in Aries gives a volatile and impatient personality that needs constant activity, change, and novelty. Mercury in Pisces gives a sensitive and impressionable mind with an interest in art, film, photography, and mystical or occult subjects. Venus in Aquarius has a resourceful intellect and ingenuity, an appreciation of the strange and bizarre, and a desire for truth and friendship. Mars in Pisces is motivated by one's moods, emotions, and sensitivities. He is a charmer and seducer but lacks confidence and suffers from energy drains. Jupiter in Libra does well in all kinds of partnerships or associations and is interested in art, music, and culture. Sarturn in Aquarius close to his Sun makes him tough and disciplined and a loner, and gives him an interest in science and technology. Uranus in Aries is very self-willed and temperamental and usually has a talent or interest for mechanics, automation, and aviation. Neptune in Virgo is a generation that believes in proper hygiene and the work ethic. Pluto in Cancer people have powerful emotions and strong domestic instincts or inclinations.

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