Adolf Hitler chart

Adolf Hitler
Apr.20, 1889,
(rectified for 7 PM)
Braunau, Austria 13E04 48N15

Sun in Taurus 049'
Moon in Capricorn 651'
Mercury in Aries 2543'
Venus in Taurus 1642'R
Mars in Taurus 1624'
Jupiter in Capricorn 815'
Saturn in Leo 1328'
Uranus in Libra 1929'R
Neptune in Gemini 051'
Pluto in Gemini 442'
Eris in Pisces 1902'

Ascendant in Scorpio 1
MidHeaven in Leo 10
German dictator who conquered most of
Europe militarily during World War II,
and who's demise and disappearance
in 1945 still remains a mystery.
Ascendant in Scorpio gives Hitler his intense nature and penetrating look. The Midheaven in Leo with Saturn there is his image and role as dictator. Saturn in Leo is a very stern and dominating influence which likes to be in kingly control. Sun in Taurus makes Hitler a very down to earth fellow with a love of all that is material and tangible. Venus, and Mars also in Taurus strengthen this. Venus gives him unbeatable powers of evaluation, and Mars gives him a very earthy and sensual love nature. Moon and Jupiter closely conjoined in Capricorn give Hitler widespread popularity and control over the masses. Both these planets are very ambitious and concerned with practical or territorial matters. Jupiter in Capricorn in particular is self-serving and needing to expand territorially. Mercury is Hitler's impatient and hotheaded approach as well as his quick keen mind and fiery speech. Uranus in Libra is his artistic and musical side as well as his tactical ingenuity. Neptune and Pluto closely conjoined in Gemini give Hitler and his generation a deep fascination and involvement with methods of communication and transportation, including those of a psychic or supernatural nature.

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