Astrology Archives
The following are articles I've written between 2003 and
2016. Some have been slightly modified or corrected
in the light of new truth or information.

What is Astrology?

The Basics: Planets and Signs

Basics 2: Aspects and Houses

Astrological Rulerships

A New Way To Look At Astrology

Good and Bad Planets

Why Your "Bad" Planets Get All the Attention

Planets in Signs: 144 Planetary Positions Interpreted

Your Sun-Mercury Combination in Astrology

Neptune in Pisces: What Does It Mean For You

Uranus in Scorpio(1975-1981)

The Virgo Mystery

1991: The Year of Virgo Nations

The Neptune Return

The Power of Neptune

Neptune, Pisces, and Dissolution

The Power of Pluto

Pluto: Your Super Planet

Pluto in Capricorn(2008-2023)

Whole Sign Houses: The Original House System

Whole Sign Aspects in Astrology

Twelve Astrological Aspects

Solar Houses in Astrology

The Truth About the Ascendant

The Great Aquarian Conjunction of Feb.4-5,1962

Bridging Heaven and Earth

Your Ascension Sign

Your Twelve Bodies

Earth System Beings

Rising Sign Types

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